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Touring Onomichi's old temples

Experience a 3-hour walk through a 2-km-long stone-paved path.
Along this path, you can enjoy visiting Onomichi's major old temples and shrines,
starting from Jiko-ji Temple near JR Onomichi Station to Kairyu-ji Temple in the east.
Be fascinated by Onomichi by walking through these paths full of ups and downs, and stairs as well.

Jiko-ji Temple

01Jiko-ji Temple

This temple is marked by its grandiose stone gate which is harmoniously blended into the stone-spangled town, Onomichi.
This temple features a color painting on silk, the portrait of Samantabhadra, which is designated as a national treasure.
As hydrangea flowers bloom in profusion during the rainy season, this temple is also called "Ajisaidera (or hydrangea temple)."
Furthermore, visitors may experience the hand-making of Buddha statues by using clay.

Senko-ji Temple

02Senko-ji Temple

Located on a side of Senko-ji Hill and serving as the symbol of Onomichi, Senko-ji Temple Park extends around the temple.
The vermilion-lacquered main hall called "Akado" and the bell tower which was selected as one of Japan's Best 100 Sound Landscapes" are icons of the temple.
Also, you can see big stones on the premises. Among these,the one called "Tamanoiwa" is emblematic.
According to the legend, in days of yore, a ball was present over the rock and it emitted light to the surrounding area.

Daisan-ji Temple

03Daisan-ji Temple

Also called "Tenjinbo," this temple is believed to have been rebuilt during the Enkyu era (1069 to 1074).
On the premises, the "Higiri Jizo" is placed, and it is worshiped by many students preparing for entrance exams.
During the entrance exam season, it is visited by a lot of students, as is the Misode Tenmangu Shrine located nearby.
The Goen Statue made of stone is glowing with something.

Sightseeing spots

Senko-ji Temple Park

04Senko-ji Temple Park

The Senko-ji Temple Park serves as the symbol of Onomichi.
Selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites, the park shines with cherry trees in spring, while "Onomichi Chrysanthemum Exhibition" is held to allow visitors to indulge in the seasonal aspects of the park.
Furthermore, this park is also known as a sanctuary of couples. The great night scenery enjoyed from the observatory was selected as one of the Best 100 Night Views, attracting many couples in love.

Admission fee Free
(Ropeway one-way ticket: 280 yen)
Open No restricted admission
Holiday Open 7 days a week
Onomichi Cinema Museum

05Onomichi Cinema Museum

In April 2000, the Onomichi Cinema Museum was reopened by renovating its white-walled warehouse which was constructed in the Meiji era.
Many visitors take commemorative photos in front of the cinema projector placed at the entrance. Inside the building, you can see the old posters and historical materials related to Yasujiro Ozu's "Tokyo Story," which was shot in Onomichi, and the Nikkatsu movies of the good old days.
Also, you can enjoy seeing movies in a small theater.

Admission fee Adults (high school students and older): 501 yen,
minors (junior high school students and younger): Free
Open 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
(Open by 5:30 pm)
Holiday Tuesday
(substituted with the next day if it falls on a public holiday)
Kosan-ji Temple

06Kosan-ji Temple

This is a temple constructed by a business person, Kosanji Kozo, for his mother.
Its buildings were modeled after various national treasures.
Fifteen of them are registered as national tangible cultural properties of Japan.
On its premises, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal beauties such as cherry, azalea, hydrangea, crape myrtle, autumn leaves, etc.

Admission fee Adults: 1,200 yen,
high school students: 700 yen,
junior high school students or younger: Free
Open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Holiday Open 7 days a week

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Taking a bike ride

Enjoy taking a bike ride along the Setouchi Shimanami Road!
The "Trans-Seto Inland Sea Bike Road" is Japan's first bike path, through which bikers are able to get across the strait.
To allow the bikers to fully enjoy the 70-kilometer path across the sea,
connecting various islands rich in history and culture
(from Imabari City's cycling terminal "Sunrise Itoyama" to Onomichi Port
(Onomichi Ekimae Kowan Parking Space (Onomichi Station Port Parking Space)),
the municipal offices located along the Shimanami Road offer bicycle rental services.

A model course from Mukaishima to Ikuchijima

A model course
from Mukaishima to Ikuchijima

Onomichi -> Mukaishima -> Ikuchijima -> Onomichi

A model course around Ikuchijima

A model course
around Ikuchijima

Onomichi -> around Ikuchijima -> Onomichi

A model course directly to Imabari

A model course
directly to Imabari

From Onomichi to Imabari